Easy File Joiner

Easy File Joiner

Easy File Joiner offers to help you combine files
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Splitting files is a common operation as some files are too big to send through email, upload to a website or store in a given device. Reversely, there are times when you receive or download file chunks and you need to put them together if you want them to be of any use.
Easy File Joiner offers to help you combine files. Although joining files can be done right from the command prompt, there is no doubt that using a visual user interface will help you do it easier. In fact, this software interface is unattractive yet very easy to use. In fact, it is so easy that has only five buttons ordered according to the steps of the intended process. First, you create a list and add files by dragging files into it or using the Add files button. Then you may edit the list by dragging the file names or deleting unnecessary files. Finally, after specifying the folder and the name of the output file, you are ready to ask the software to merge the files.
Easy File Joiner joins not only pieces of a bigger file but also files of the same type. You will find its capacity to combine MPEG clips very useful as it does it almost instantly with no need to recode the whole movie. Nevertheless, the MPEG files need to be similar to size, format and encoding. The developers warn that this software is incapable of joining file formats that contain headers, unless when they were formerly parts of the same file.

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  • It is very light.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It joins MPEG files


  • It cannot join files containing header information
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